Flashpoint Magazine Jan/Feb 2014


Flashpoint Magazine was a grass-roots magazine about the art and culture of Lexington, Kentucky. All contributors volunteered their time, hoping that the magazine would become successful enough to sustain itself. While mismanagement led to its downfall, we managed to create six issues that we’re still proud of.

Bronson started out as a writer and primary layout artist. Throughout the magazine’s brief history, Bronson led the overall design. Some articles were designed by other graphic artists (and are properly credited), and he had plenty of input from the rest of the team.

Flashpoint‘s design aesthetic was to fill up as much paper with ink as possible. Bronson normally prefers minimalism, but he’s still proud of the work he did on these issues, especially as they got better with every issue.

Full Page Layout

issue-013 issue-014 issue-015 issue-016 issue-017 issue-018 issue-019 issue-0110 issue-0111 issue-0112 issue-0113 issue-0114 issue-0115


Photography: Zachary Dearing, James Huddleston, Amy Palmer, Brandon Turner, Eugene Alexander Williams

Writers: Whitney Baker, Zachary Dearing, David Laurenvil, Katherine Miller-Byrne, Samantha Jean Moore, Bronson O’Quinn

Graphic Designers: Daryl Janisch, Bronson O’Quinn, Matt Renfrow