Flashpoint Magazine May/Jun


Flashpoint Magazine was a grass-roots magazine about the art and culture of Lexington, Kentucky. All contributors volunteered their time, hoping that the magazine would become successful enough to sustain itself. While mismanagement led to its downfall, we managed to create six issues that we’re still proud of.

Bronson started out as a writer and primary layout artist. Throughout the magazine’s brief history, Bronson led the overall design. Some articles were designed by other graphic artists (and are properly credited), and he had plenty of input from the rest of the team.

Flashpoint‘s design aesthetic was to fill up as much paper with ink as possible. Bronson normally prefers minimalism, but he’s still proud of the work he did on these issues, especially as they got better with every issue.

This is also the first issue in which we created alternate covers, all of which are shown below.

Full Page Spreads

issue-03-art-after-dark issue-03-casse-lopez-2 issue-03-cassie-lopez-1

issue-03 issue-032 issue-033 issue-034 issue-035 issue-036 issue-037 issue-038 issue-039 issue-0310 issue-0311 issue-0312 issue-0313 issue-0314


Photography: Michelle Aiello, Art After Dark Entertainment, Lori Barnett, James Crisp, Matt Durr, Rebecca Hellemans, Kirjavirta, Cassie Lopez, Bronson O’Quinn, Simone Padelli, Katelynn Ralston, Daniel Roberts, Alex Rymarqis, Emma Thompson

Creative Commons Photography: DesignM.ag, John Ott, PlayingWithBrushes

Writing: Elizabeth Beck, Leif Erickson, Katherine Miller-Byrne, David Laurenvil, Bronson O’Quinn

Graphic Design: Bronson O’Quinn, Matt Renfrow